How Sciatica Pain Can Go Away

Learn about natural options for sciatica relief, such as making a few lifestyle changes and consulting with a back pain chiropractor in Clear Lake.

Dealing with back pain alone can be quite frustrating and sometimes a painful experience. Coupled with sciatica or that tingling or numbing sensation that starts from your lower back and spreads to one of your legs, your back pain turns into a more serious problem.

It could heavily impact the quality of your life unless you find effective ways to manage your pain. But is there hope for pain relief and healing? What are the chances you have at coping with sciatica and getting rid of your low back pain? We’ll get to these topics and more!


What’s Sciatica? A Brief Background

It’s crucial to understand how the condition works and what triggers or aggravates it when seeking relief. This helps you understand your situation better, allowing you to pinpoint the best practices you can do to cope and recover. Essentially, when you get diagnosed with sciatica, it means that your sciatic nerve or the longest nerve bundle in the body is inflamed or irritated.

When this happens, you feel a numbing or tingling sensation starting from your lower back down to you one side of your hips and buttocks. Often, the pain tends to radiate towards one leg and your toes. Roughly 10 to 40 percent of the population have sciatica, and a large fraction of this group experiences lower back pain.


Understanding the Pain of Sciatica

Sciatica patients who come looking for a back pain chiropractor in Clear Lake tend to have varying pain intensities and frequencies. It means that your condition might be quite different from another patient. You might experience worsening symptoms each day, while others only have lower back and hip pain that come and go. It’s also likely to feel pain in certain parts, depending on the areas innervated by the impacted nerves. 

The only common factor we notice is the age of the patients. While it can affect younger people, sciatica often occurs in older folks ranging from 40 to more than 60 years old. This trend can be associated with spinal degradation, a condition more common among aging folks. 

Check out the usual symptoms of sciatica below:

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Besides the symptoms we enumerated above, you should also pay close attention to some red flags that could indicate your condition is getting worse. Here are some examples:


What Are the Possible Causes of Sciatica?

Here at Northern Roots Family Spinal Care, we emphasize the role of addressing the possible root cause of sciatica. This is because it can help you experience lasting relief that will allow you to enjoy doing your usual activities like running, visiting family members, or going to work.

Your condition can stem from several factors that could be related to the structure of your lower back, most specifically the discs or the protective material in between your vertebral bones and your lumbar spinal bones. Here are some notable examples: 


Jumpstarting Your Relief Journey 

Now that you’re well-acquainted with sciatica, its causes, and triggers, you can start planning the natural methods you can use to seek relief.  Some of the examples of the approach you can use include:

With simple adjustments to your lifestyle, you can help lower your risks of worsening your sciatica pain. Also, by seeking natural pain relief methods like upper cervical care chiropractic, you can potentially address your pain's leading cause and benefit from longer-lasting relief.   


Our Back Pain Chiropractor in Clear Lake Can Help

Upper cervical chiropractic care has helped a lot of patients suffering from mild to severe sciatica pain. The idea of this practice is to assess neck bone misalignments, a factor that can aggravate your pain.

If you do have neck bone problems, we can fix them using gentle and calculated adjustments. It’s a natural and gradual process that can help your body heal on its own. If you have been experiencing sciatica or lower back pain for a long time, you might finally find hope with upper cervical chiropractic. 

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