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Migraines are on the increase in today’s fast-paced world. More than 10% of those in America – 38 million people – get migraines. This is more than those who suffer from diabetes and asthma

combined! Migraines can affect anyone at any age. Every 10 seconds, someone visits the ER to get relief for migraines or another kind of a headache.

Migraine symptoms can include:

  • Throbbing, pounding head pain lasting from 4 to 24 hours
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Aura – visual disturbances occurring before a migraine
  • Sensitivity to sound, certain smells, and light
  • Feeling lightheaded
  • Numbness or tingling in the legs, face, or arms
  • Pain usually (but not always) on one just side of the head

Common Care for Headaches

The first step most people take is to grab the nearest bottle of pills when they feel a migraine coming on. There is quite a list of medications that are recommended by primary care doctors for migraines. These include:

  • Tylenol
  • Advil
  • Motrin
  • Aspirin
  • Glucocorticoids
  • Antidepressants
  • Heart and blood pressure medications

What are the dangers of taking these? Some common side effects are:

  • Ulcers
  • Gastrointestinal bleeding
  • Rebound or medication overuse headaches

Caring for Migraines Naturally in Clear Lake, Wisconsin

Rather than covering over symptoms with medication, it is important to try to find the underlying cause of migraines. One reason that migraines occur is due to a misalignment in the bones of the upper neck – the C1 and C2 vertebrae. If these bones are out of place, they can put the brainstem under extreme stress causing it to malfunction and send improper signals to the brain. Upper cervical chiropractic is a way to help these bones to realign, leading to a restoration of communication in the body. But does it work?

A case study observed a teenage girl who was diagnosed with migraines. She had as many as two migraines each week lasting about 3 hours each. She sought the care of an upper cervical chiropractor before taking medication or having surgery. After the misalignment had been corrected, she saw major improvement in the frequency and intensity of her migraines.

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